Preparing for the Cruise

In advance of the Globe French River Cruise, August 9 to 22, 2018, please find below some information to help you prepare and get ready for the cruise.

Attire on the Globe French River Cruise

Average temperatures in the south of France in August range from 24 degrees Celsius to the high 20s and sometimes low 30s. We therefore suggest clothing that will keep you cool and offer protection from the sun during outdoor excursions. The atmosphere onboard the Scenic Sapphire ship is relaxed and casual. Suggestions for appropriate attire include sundresses, blouses, skirts, dress shorts, polo shirts and light dress shirts for both daytime activities and dinner. Ties are not required.

Dressier occasions

Several events during the Globe French River Cruise require somewhat dressier attire. For these occasions, we suggest a cocktail dress or skirt/slacks and a blouse for women, and slacks and an open dress shirt for men. Suit jackets or ties are not required nor recommended due to the expected warm temperatures, though they are optional.  Please ensure that you also have comfortable footwear suitable for walking on uneven ground and cobblestones. 

The dressier occasions are listed below:

          ·         Paris Dine Arounds – August 9

          ·         Publisher and Captain's Welcome Cocktail and Dinner (August 9)

          ·         Lyon Dine Arounds – August 14

          ·         Sundowner at Tournon Castle – August 15

          ·         Dinner at the Pope's Palace – August 19

          ·         Editor-in-chief and Captain's Farewell Dinner – August 20

What to pack for the French River Cruise

          ·         Phone/device chargers and electrical converter for European power outlets
          ·         Water bottle fan (provided in your guest bag)
          ·         Sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
          ·         Footwear suitable for walking on uneven ground and cobblestones
          ·         Passport (and copies)


             /    Airline tickets (printed or digital)
             /    Passport and photocopy
             /    Scenic travel documentation
             /    Credit card or traveller's cheques
             /    Emergency contact numbers for health insurance plans, credit card company
             /    Travel insurance documentation
             /    Local currency for day one (Paris)
             /    Money belt
             /    Spare memory card for your digital camera or spare SD card for your phone
             /    Only those keys needed upon your return home
             /    Personal medication and prescriptions
             /    Sunscreen and lip balm
             /    Mosquito repellent
             /    Extra glasses/contact lenses, prescription
             /    Sweater or jacket for cooler evenings
             /    Raincoat
             /    Sunglasses and sun hat
             /    Spare plastic bags for dirty laundry
             /    Travel-size washing detergent (optional, in original retail packaging)
             /    Earplugs and sleep mask
             /    Tissues and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer/gel
             /    Adaptor plugs, mobile phone charger, battery charger
            /     Clothes that can be mixed/matched, layered (if traveling as a couple, we suggest dividing clothing
                   for each person between two suitcases, so each can manage in the unlikely event a suitcase goes                                         missing during travel)

Before You Leave

/  Check airline luggage and carry-on allowance and restrictions
/  Ensure passport is valid for six months beyond the conclusion of the trip
/  Arrange for travel insurance (recommended)
/  Leave copies of your itinerary and contact numbers with a family member or friend



We have compiled a list of cafes, shops and attractions within a 10-minute walk of Hotel Scribe Paris Opera. To view and print the one-page PDF, please click here.


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