August 8 - 22, 2018

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Featuring Culinary Hosts


Tara O'Brady | Globe Style Contributor
Tara O'Brady is the author of the bestselling cookbook Seven Spoons (Ten Speed press and Appetite by Random House, 2015) and the award-winning site of the same name. Tara is known for straightforward home cooking that reflects the way many of us are cooking today—seasonally, with an international perspective, an emphasis on balanced eating, and ethically-sourced ingredients.  

Beppi Crosariol  |  Globe Wine  Writer
Beppi Crosariol has been The Globe and Mail's wine and spirits columnist for more than 15 years and enjoys a large following of devoted readers. In the late 1990s, he also wrote a food trends column called The Biting Edge. During his 22 years at the paper, he held a variety of additional positions in the newsroom, including corporate-law reporter and technology editor. He was also a regular columnist with Report on Business Magazine. 


Also On Board the Ship

be inspired by the waterways of southern france

A one-on-a-kind event, The Globe and Mail French River Cruise: Explore the changing food, wine and culture of southern France delivers the classic charms of one of the world’s great cultures, an insider’s look at how French food and wine are evolving in the 21st century, alongside unique access to award-winning journalists and editors from The Globe.

After two unforgettable journeys in years past, The Globe invites you to join us on our third cruise, The Globe and Mail French River Cruise: Explore the changing food, wine and culture of southern France. An elegant ride along the gentle Rhône and Saône rivers, the two-week trip will take you to some of Southern France’s most charming locales.

Starting in Paris, we will experience the architectural and cultural shifts that are reinvigorating one of the world’s great cities. From there, take in stunning surroundings from the deck of the Scenic Sapphire ship. Enjoy 5-star accommodations, relaxation and exquisite onboard restaurants.

Step off for unique Globe curated excursions into both the iconic vineyards and innovative businesses that make the region so beloved and vital. Grand Chateaux, historic sites, and breathtaking architecture are combined with events created exclusively for our guests, including cooking demonstrations from leading chefs and presentations that deliver intelligence from local experts. We will also have two days to explore the culinary delights of Lyon and experience the past, present and future of France’s gastronomic capital.

Guests will also be invigorated by immersing themselves in current events with The Globe and Mail’s award-winning, journalists, editors and columnists – including our European-based team and our wine and food experts. They will provide insights into the stories behind the stories, their investigative process, and offer candid and unique perspectives on the most pressing issues in Europe and beyond.

The Globe and Mail is thrilled to partner with leading luxury cruise Scenic River Cruises. Award winning Scenic is the ultimate in luxury river cruising. Their story dates back 29 years, and looking forward, there’s no end in sight. At Scenic, the credo is: “Never lose your sense of wonder.”  They wholeheartedly embrace the passion and continual commitment to delivering consistent excellence in all-inclusive luxury river cruise experiences – they’ve thought of every exclusive, handpicked detail, so that you don’t have to. They give their guests a promise: they are the curators of Scenic Wonder, and deliver that, every moment of every day of your journey.


This has been a cruise to remember – fabulous food, wine, hospitality, friendship. In particular also, the crew and staff have been special. Attention to service and detail just great
— Mr. & Mrs. W.

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