Entertainment, food and, of course, wine selected just for you.

Custom Made Menus

Delight in custom-made menus filled delicious French fare, created by some of the country’s most renowned chefs in Lyon, a city long considered the culinary heart of France. With traditions from Escoffer to Bocuse, today is cuisine is evolving in exciting new directions, infused with new ingredients, ideas, and influences from around the world.

storied Vineyards

Explore the storied vineyards and potable treasures of two of the world’s greatest wine regions: Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. Your host, Globe wine expert Beppi Crosariol, will lead you on an insider’s journey through a surprisingly dynamic wine scene, with exclusive tastings at landmark estates as well as on board the ship. You’ll sample legendary labels as well as small-lot gems representing the cutting-edge of France’s New Wine Wave.

Unique Culinary experience

Tara O'Brady, a Globe food contributor, will lead us on a tour of France's gastronomic delicacy. Luxuriate in France's cuisine as you sail around on the Rhône and Saône rivers and learn more about the history of France's culinary delight. Over the course of your 14 day cruise, you will treated with exquisite samples of the finest food France has to offer. 

PLUS, experience a selection of cultural excursions handpicked exclusively for guests of The Globe and Mail French River Cruise: Explore the changing food, wine and culture of southern France.

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